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Asset Condition Refurbishment Project and Access Road Project

Final design and route are subject to change pending public, engineering, and regulatory review.
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Project Overview

In an effort to strengthen the region’s transmission system, New England Power Company (NEP) d.b.a National Grid is proposing the E131 Asset Condition Refurbishment Project (the Project). Originally constructed in 1925, the line extends approximately 13 miles from Adams, MA to Readsboro, VT.

The Project will address the deteriorating infrastructure, which includes replacing the current predominantly wood structures with new steel H-frame structures and foundations and the addition of Optical Ground Wire (OPGW), which serves a dual purpose of providing necessary electrical grounding in the event of lightning strikes. OPGW also enables telecommunication along the transmission lines and between substations to help identify line issues so they can be addressed quickly.

Improvements to existing, and construction of new access routes are also required to facilitate construction and future maintenance. The new structures will be built in proximity to the existing structures to maintain the current right-of-way (ROW) con¬figuration. The new structures are expected to be taller than the existing. Existing structures will be removed when the new structures are in place.


The E131 Line is located in Massachusetts and Vermont. Within MA, the line travels through the towns of Adams, North Adams, Florida and Monroe. From Monroe, MA the line continues into Readsboro, VT to NEP’s Harriman Substation. The project will also replace three structures on the Bear Swamp Tap, nearest to the E131 lines in Florida, MA.